Smile Under Stress: 3 Takes on Workplace Positivity

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Making a commitment to focus on workplace positivity will prove beneficial to the entire company. When employees work together toward a shared goal of improving the company, they build camaraderie and maintain a good attitude at work. It's inevitable that feelings of stress will arise on the job. Focusing on the positives will improve employee morale and ensure that the team pulls together to overcome those challenges.

Here are three ways to keep your employee's spirits up when the going gets tough:

1. Be thankful

According to Forbes, all employees want to be recognized and praised. In fact, "feeling appreciated, many experts say, is usually the first step to being truly satisfied with a job."

Managers and supervisors should make a point to find ways to be thankful and positive in subtle ways. Chances are, these actions will be contagious and filter through to the rest of the company.

2. Be flexible

Every business will face challenges and obstacles that will be difficult to manage. U.S. News and World Report suggest that teams engage in flexible thinking. They suggest encouraging employees to "explore numerous potential obstacles and generate alternative pathways to effectively manage them in order to build feelings of happiness."

Looking for other ways to help your team? Check out our free downloadable resources.

3. Be the right kind of leader

The workplace culture has a direct correlation on the happiness of those who are employed there. As a team leader, you might not be able to change the entire culture of your workplace.

However, according to Inc., there is still a great deal that you can do to improve its positivity. They suggest that "your leadership style has the greatest influence on climate: Are you welcoming, thoughtful, social or curious? These styles invite positivity."

At Boyd Metals, we take great pride in caring for our people and believe that you should too! Commit to adopting at least one of the above suggestions this week to bring positivity to your workplace. As that attitude becomes a habit, add in the others and watch your company's outlook brighten! 

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