Industrial Product Buyer Guide: Tips for Ordering from a Metal Company

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Are you new to the metal service industry and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the intricacies of ordering industrial metal products? Don't worry; you're not alone. Navigating the world of a metal company can be quite confusing for beginners. But fear not! We’re here to guide you through the process and provide you with valuable insights that will make your buying experience smooth and successful.

As a newcomer, one of the fundamental aspects to understand is that metal is sold by weight. Whether you're dealing with galvanized sheet metal price, steel sheet metal, or other types of metals, comprehending the weight per foot or weight per square foot is crucial. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with the various grades of materials available. Metal materials span across different categories, like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Knowing the appropriate grade for your project ensures that you're getting the right material that meets the desired specifications and performance requirements.


When you’re ready to embark on industrial projects that involve expanded metal, bar grating, and wire mesh, having a clear understanding of the end-use application is immensely beneficial. We tailor these products to fit seamlessly into their final destinations. This customization not only minimizes scrap but also reduces labor costs to ensure that the materials are efficiently integrated into your projects.


Once you know your end-use, navigating the process of ordering these industrial metal products becomes less overwhelming. To ensure a smooth and successful buyer experience, we've put together comprehensive information on how to order each type. Let's dive in and explore the specifics for ordering expanded metal, bar grating, and wire mesh.

How to order expanded metal

How to Order Expanded Metal

Here's a breakdown of the key information you need to specify:



Choose from options like carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.


Select the type of expanded metal you need – standard/raised, flattened, or expanded metal grating.


State the number of full-size or cut pieces required.

Piece Size

Provide width (Short Way of Diamond) x length (Long Way of Diamond).


Indicate bond or random and specify direction.


Note any specific tolerances required.


How to order bar grating

How to Order Bar Grating

To order bar grating, consider the following details:


Type of Grating

Choose the material type – steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.


Decide on the construction type: welded steel, press-locked, riveted, heavy-duty, or swage-lock aluminum.

Bearing Bar Spacing

Specify bearing bar size and the center-to-center spacing of cross bars and bearing bars.


Indicate the direction of bearing bars.

Anchorage Type

Choose from welded saddle clips, G Clips, Grate Fast Clips, Weld Lugs, or Z Clips.


Select the finish – mill finish, painted black, or galvanized.


Indicate whether you need a plain, serrated, or slip-resistant surface.


Include a drawing with critical dimensions, area to be covered, span, and method of support.

Application and Physical Requirements

Consider the application, opening size, percent of open area, and other physical requirements.

Special Fabrication and Accessories

If needed, specify circle shearing, cut-outs, U-Edging, and stair tread details.


How to order wire mesh

How to Order Wire Mesh

To order wire mesh, keep these details in mind:



Specify the number of standard rolls or partial roll lengths and widths needed.

Material/Finish Type

Choose the wire cloth material such as 304 stainless steel or carbon.

Piece Size

Provide the width and length of the wire mesh.

Wire Diameter

Indicate wire diameter in decimals, thousands of an inch.

Wire Opening

State the mesh count per lineal inch or width of the opening, along with its shape.


Specify whether it's woven or welded, including details on the edge wire requirement for welded mesh.

Crimp Style and Opening Direction

If necessary, mention the crimp style and the direction the slot should run.


Describe the wire mesh's intended use and any required certification.


We’re your dedicated partner in this journey, offering valuable resources, expert guidance, and a commitment to ensure your success. We’re here to help so you can confidently step into the world of industrial metal products and embark on your projects with clarity and confidence.


Not sure where to begin? Start your ordering process by searching our Digital Stock and Reference Guide to find specifications for industry-standard products, common conversion charts, and information on available processing services by product type. 

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