Nurturing Partnerships Through a Customer-Focused Workplace Culture

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We take pride in doing a great job and exceeding customer expectations while staying true to our core values, a philosophy that has always been part of our company DNA. But we can’t do that here at Boyd Metals without the dedication and commitment of our team members. We sat down with Jessica Smith, a dedicated Territory Manager in Joplin, Missouri, and got to hear how she sees her role in delivering on the Boyd Difference.


What is a typical day for a Territory Manager at Boyd Metals?

No two days are alike!  I love visiting customer facilities and fostering relationships. It’s great to hear and see what they have going on so I can proactively help and be a resource. To be a resource, you have to be willing to collaborate and be proactive about new business opportunities.  It's a dynamic role that keeps me engaged with our clients and the heart of our operations.


Business is just constantly changing, and you have to keep up.  As a Territory Manager, I connect Boyd Metals with customers, which can mean coming through on a big project or something as simple (and essential) as getting a quote back promptly! Collaborating with account managers on projects is not just about numbers – it's about understanding each customer's unique needs and weaving them into the fabric of our services.


What is something you do that people just don't realize is a part of your job?

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I’m committed to being a lynchpin for our customers.  It's not just about processing the transactions; it's about showing customers they are genuinely valued. I like to personalize what I do and make memorable moments of connection. It shows I’m dedicated, but it is the Boyd Metals' way to go above and beyond.


In your opinion, why do you excel in your role as a Territory Manager?

There is no manual to make you successful in this job. My outgoing nature makes me well-suited for this position, and being a go-getter and someone who has a high willingness to learn definitely contributes to my success. Effective communication is always key to keeping things on track, and I thrive in this environment where I interact with clients and colleagues, keeping that conversation going to ensure projects also keep going! The pace can be fast-paced, but I'm energized by the exceptional people and culture around me, and my determination keeps me going strong. 


What’s the significance of workplace culture at Boyd Metals?

Our workplace culture is the heartbeat of our company. Our team dynamic is strong, and we are laser-focused on our customers! We're not afraid of imperfections; instead, we’re quickly rectifying issues as they arise to ensure our customers are satisfied. This level of dedication requires a team of exceptional individuals who embody our values theoretically and in their daily interactions.

The workplace culture here at Boyd Metals is a harmonious blend of dedication and camaraderie. I want to be excellent and help others keep pushing, too. I think of my co-workers as ambassadors of our core values, and we all nurture partnerships to keep our customer-focused culture strong.


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