Equipping Our Team: It's Better to Succeed Together

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We believe in teamwork, achieving together, and having a work-hard-play-hard workplace culture. Why is it better to succeed as a team? We have earned our Boyd Metals reputation in the metal service industry, and succeeding together creates momentum for more opportunities in the future. This is why we teach our staff to uphold each of our core values. To help make the work of our employees easier, we provide our team with precisely what they need to get the job done safely and successfully. You can read all about it, or you can watch this video!


In addition to providing the necessary tools and equipment, we ensure that our staff is properly trained and has the necessary knowledge. The areas in which we equip our team include:

  1. Metalworking techniques: We give each team member the specific methods and processes we use, such as sawing, shearing, plasma plate cutting, oxy-fuel plate cutting, laser cutting and more.
  2. Quality control: Each employee is educated in all of our quality control measures that are in place to ensure that products meet our high-quality standards.
  3. Maintenance and repair. Our staff is trained in proper maintenance and repair of tools and equipment, including identifying and troubleshooting problems.
  4. Industry regulations and standards: Most importantly, we educate our workers with industry rules and standards that apply to their work, such as OSHA regulations.

A man is only as good as his tools. By equipping our team members, Boyd Metals can take advantage of new growth opportunities and provide customers and other vendors with best-in-class service and security. That is the Boyd Difference.

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From expert industry knowledge to a commitment to workplace safety, our team can be a part of your team's success. What project is next for you, and how we can be of service?

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