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Throwing it back to the ’90s, when three guys believed the marketplace was ripe for a metals service center that conducted business based upon fundamental principles and values. One of those principles includes, "Exceeding customer expectations should be any company’s number one goal; everything else will take care of itself." This core value runs through Boyd Metals at every employee level. 


Fresh out of Tyler, Texas, we connected with the Territory Manager, Daniel Nevils, to talk about the importance of his role and to understand a bit more about his day-to-day. Daniel filled us in on some insights into what the heck a Territory Manager does and why measuring customer satisfaction is a rewarding part of his job!


What does your day-to-day look like at Boyd Metals? 

My day as a Territory Manager for Boyd Metals consists of maintaining relationships with customers, acquiring new business for Boyd, and working with my account managers by following up with live quotes.


What do you enjoy most about your job?Daniel Nevils Quote

What do you do that people don't realize is part of your job?

It may not be something that isn't realized, but it's something that can be very overlooked, and that is remembering the little details a lot of times. I meet with customers and remember little details about what they like or even hobbies they have! When I can, I bring them something that pertains to their interest, and you can see how happy they get that someone remembered. It is that level of consideration that is needed to be a good Territory Manager. I take the responsibility of building relationships seriously and ultimately enjoy the bonds that can be built over years of service. 


Why are you the best person for your job?

I believe that I’m the best person for this role because of my outgoing nature. I tend to be a very go-getter type, and I love to talk, so meeting new customers or being able to have conversations is easy for me! Keeping things moving means keeping everyone communicating. It's a pleasure to have a great mix of talking to customers and fellow employees in my role. It can get pretty hectic, but I'm surrounded by good people, and I'm tenacious. 


Boyd Metals is a company about work-hard-play-hard, company culture, and most of all, the deep-rooted core values of why we exist and founded the company. Our mission remains at the center of how and why we operate. We're not perfect, but if we make an error, we correct the problem quickly and to the customer's satisfaction. To do that, you need a team of excellent employees committed to that very idea not only in theory but in daily practice. 


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