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At Boyd Metals, we believe in the value of hard work. We know what we put in is what we're going to get out. It's one of the biggest reasons we've been able to continually expand our metal service center operations and invest in new technologies. However, we're also big believers in having a good time and supporting our people!

Our traditions here at Boyd Metals are what help bring us together, connect us, and unite us behind the belief we are always working toward something bigger than ourselves. They play an integral role in not only defining our company culture, but shaping how we show up each day for work. And while the exact impact of our traditions may not be quantifiable, we know they are immeasurable to our overall success.

Below are some of the traditions we pride ourselves on and make our company culture unique. We hope they serve as a reminder for ways to inspire your own team and forge a company culture that's stronger than steel!

Boyd Metals' Company Traditions 

The Company Newsletter

Boyd Connection

Whether digital or physical, newsletters are a great way to keep your team in the know and highlight their efforts. At Boyd, one of our favorite traditions is our quarterly company newsletter, The Boyd Connection.

With five metal service centers across the Midwest and Southern states, the newsletter is a great way for all our employees to stay connected and up-to-date.

Inside, we provide company updates from leadership, employee highlights, noteworthy celebrations, and important customer feedback. Need help creating your own company newsletter? Check out how to create one here

Company Contests

Boyd Christmas Decoration Contest

What's a business without a little friendly competition every now and then? At Boyd, we love holding annual contests for our employees to participate in and show off their skills.

Not only does this allow a chance for our employees to bond and create new memories, but provides us all something to look forward to each year (plus it never hurts to get some bragging rights)!

A few of our most notable include our chili cook-off, Christmas office decorating contest, and Halloween costume contest. Here's a list of other ideas to help spark employee engagement

Big Win Celebrations

Boyd Bell

How does your company celebrate the big wins? A round of applause? Office cartwheels? Fireworks in the parking lot? At Boyd HQ, we have a large bell named the "Boyd Bell." Whenever we have a larger than normal sale, we have a tradition of "ringing the bell" to notify everyone of the win.

For our team, the ringing of the bell is more than just a big sale though. It signifies our collective effort across all teams and departments. It reminds everyone we are all united and working toward the same goal.

When the bell rings in Fort Smith, you can hear it echoing in our Little Rock, Joplin, Oklahoma City, and Tyler locations as well. 

At Boyd, we believe establishing a good company culture is what sets the foundation for success. Check out The Boyd Difference: Success Begins With Company Culture to learn more about who we are! 

Employee Recognition

Boyd Awards

A recognized employee is a happy employee! Providing employee recognition is key to inspiring your team and making them feel appreciated for their hard work.

At Boyd, in addition to recognizing our employees' birthdays and special life events, we have made it a tradition to celebrate landmark work anniversaries with the presentation of a "Boyd Award."

These awards are custom made for employees celebrating large milestones anniversaries with the company. Here are some ways your company can help show employee appreciation

After-Work Activities 

Boyd Joplin Axe Throwing Team

What's all that hard work without a little camaraderie after hours? You spend all day with your team, but the chances to build real connections are few and far between when you're busy working. Stepping out after work helps take the edge off and allows employees an opportunity to socialize and really get to know each other.

At Boyd, our teams enjoy their fair share of after-work activities including axe throwing, bowling, softball, happy hours, and more! All of these activities help create a team spirit that carries over into our company culture and the work we do. Make sure you're providing your team with the opportunity to connect outside of work and watch your teamwork begin to excel! 

At the end of the day, company traditions aren't about the company at all but the people who make the company what it is. If you establish good traditions and get your team behind them, it won't be long before you build a company culture stronger than steel that will attract both potential customers and future employees



At Boyd, who we hire, how we lead, and the principles we stand by have all created a workplace where you’re not just part of a company or team, but a family. If you’re looking to invest in a rewarding career in the metals service industry apply today!

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