Continuous Improvement in the Metals Industry

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At Boyd Metals, our mission is to provide our customers with the best overall service and value in the metals service center industry. We supply quality, customizable products at competitive prices with a convenient next-day delivery option. To work toward this mission, we constantly find ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of our in-house processing capabilities. See for yourself in this video!


We guarantee the highest quality solutions for our customers in the steel and metal industries through continuous improvement, including:

  1. Investing in new technology: We are always looking for industry expansion with the latest and greatest equipment and heavy machinery. We have recently taken quality to the next level with the addition of in-house processing capabilities such as high-definition plasma cutting, laser cutting, and press brakes.
  2. The development of new materials: By improving the performance and durability of metal products, we can offer speedy, cost-effective, and customizable solutions catered to our customer's needs.
  3. Implementing manufacturing principles: We focus on reducing waste and improving efficiency during our manufacturing process to streamline operations and improve the overall quality of our products. 
  4. The development of new materials and coatings that can improve the performance and durability of our metal products. This allows us to have cost-effective and customizable solutions catered to our customer's needs.
  5. Providing ongoing training and development: Making sure our employees are able to effectively operate and maintain in-house processing equipment and services.

Ultimately, stocking materials and supplying the necessary equipment to accomplish your projects is the foundation of a good metals service center. So what kind of metal service needs can we meet for you?

Ready to let us help you with your next project?

Whether you need sawing, plasma plate cutting, oxy-fuel plate cutting, hi-def plasma laser cutting, or press brake services, now you know our laser cutting machine is just the beginning of our processing services. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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