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Healthy employees make for great teams, and great teams achieve goals. Boyd cares about their employees and maintains a healthy culture of respect and appreciation. Read on and discover a few blogs that we recommend to your company as you focus your efforts on building a healthy and successful team.

If you’re a small shop, how can you
evaluate your team and employees and make changes if you need to?

Whether you're managing a shop of five or five hundred employees, it's important to treat everyone as individuals
. While one employee may feel satisfied, another might be unhappy. As we fall into our workday routines, it's easy for those feelings to go unnoticed or get forgotten. By evaluating each member of your team on a consistent basis, you can act on issues that become a bigger problem down the road.
Evaluations don't have to be a stressful experience for your team. Instead, they can be a way for employees to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. By learning the perspectives of your employees, evaluations allow your company to make changes and stay on track.
To get genuine and honest answers from your employees, there are a few key elements to consider.
Not only is it important to figure out WHAT questions you should be asking, but HOW to ask them.
Before adding monthly check-in meetings with your team, we recommend reading Team Gantt's productivity blog: "Five Questions to Ask Your Team Members Every Month." Based on the feedback these evaluations provide, prepare to make necessary updates to keep your shop running smoothly. For more tips on how to build a healthy team, check out 3 Strategies for Keeping your Team Happy and Productive.

How can you make sure that the next person you hire is fit for the job and understands the importance of culture

While some companies have a Human Resources team in charge of recruitment and hiring of the best-fit candidates, that's not always the case
. When you have a single person running the various departments, it's important to focus on candidates that bring something new to the table.
Your next hire should not only fit the job description but also company culture. These are the people that you'll be spending a majority of your time with so you might as well enjoy each other's company.

As your company grows be sure that whoever has the final say is able to identify the company culture. They should be able to determine what would make a good fit.
For example, we at Boyd Metals care about our employees and do our best to maintain a healthy culture of respect and appreciation. We look for new hires dedicated to doing the same.

Does finding a candidate who checks all the boxes seem like difficult task? Check out
 Harvard Business Review's "Recruiting for Cultural Fit" to get moving in the right direction! 

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