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Believe it or not, LinkedIn is not an online resume site. While in its inception many used their profile as an online resume and were trolling for new opportunities, It is so much more.

LinkedIn is now the #1 most used professional networking site with sophisticated opportunities for finding key clients, keeping up with trends and staying current with thought leadership in your industry.

Consider these facts:

433 million professionals worldwide are now on LinkedIn.
A more sophisticated buyer is on LinkedIn with an average of $109K annual income.
LinkedIn is 277% more at generating new business to business leads than any other social media.
64% of active buyers find LinkedIn a reputable source for product and company information while only 17% trust Facebook and 14% find Twitter reliable.

At Boyd Metals, we use LinkedIn as a part of our platform to share our expertise.

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As more vendors and potential business partners use LinkedIn to review the people they are considering working with, having a winning LinkedIn profile is increasingly important. Your success is our success, so connect with Boyd Metals on LinkedIn and start connecting meaningfully.

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