What You Need to Know About Our Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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Boyd Metals is proud to offer our customers a wide range of cutting-edge technology. Our high-quality cutting equipment includes plasma plate cutting, high-definition plasma cutting, oxy-fuel plate cutting, and laser cutting. With the addition of our state-of-the-art tube laser, we have upgraded our processing capabilities once again to continue to find the best solution for your metal service industry needs.

Common Tube Laser Uses 

In tube lasers, gas-filled tubes are the active medium for producing the laser beam. They are used for various industrial applications, with cutting and welding among the most popular.

Tube lasers can cut a multitude of different materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, and even cut complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy.

Another popular use for tube lasers is marking and engraving. Tube lasers can mark or engrave a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and glass. Often, they are used in the production of identification tags, labels, and other markings for products and components.

In addition to these applications, tube lasers are used in various medical and scientific research applications, including microscopy, spectroscopy, and imaging. They can be used to study the structure and function of cells, tissues, and other biological samples. They are also used for multiple purposes in military and defense applications, including rangefinding, target acquisition, and communication.

Laser Cutting vs. Tube Laser 

While both of these services are under the category of laser cutting services, there is one crucial difference. The process of laser cutting is 2 dimensional. It’s used for cutting flat metal sheets. The tube laser is a little more dynamic; it can cut metal in 3D. We can now cut in both 2D and 3D, which opens up many more customization processing possibilities. 


Boyd Metals Tube Laser Features and Benefits

With our latest and greatest technology, we can ensure the most consistent and closest tolerances possible for any metal service processing needs. Many clients utilize our tube laser services for slot and tab assembly – an assembly process that reduces the fit-up time during welding. This tube laser allows us to process the raw material so it is ready for slot and tab.

Additionally, we use tube lasers to miter cut the tube in a way that makes a square or rectangular frame out of one piece. This is a great way to save time and money on assembly, and our tube lasers make it easy to achieve precise cuts every time.

With our clients in mind, we’re continuously improving our solutions to meet your processing needs. We're here to help you achieve the highest level of precision and efficiency in your operations – that’s the Boyd difference.

How can our tube laser cutting services help your next project? 

Experience the undeniable benefits of tube laser technology—where efficiency aligns perfectly with your time, budget, and workforce needs. Explore how our clients have harnessed the power of tube laser cutting to transform their projects, showcasing real success stories that highlight the significant advantages of adopting this innovative technology.

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