Laser Cutting Machine: One of our Many Metal Processing Services

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We never stop updating our in-house metal processing services. Our metal service centers offer a large range of first-step metal processing and fabrication services customizable to fit your most exacting needs. This is how we provide the best overall product, service, and value in the steel processing industry. 

We stock, source, and deliver steel tubing, steel channels, steel sheet, square tubing, sheet metal and so much more, we don't stop at the raw materials. Our laser cutting machine is just the beginning of our best-in-class metal processing and fabrication services. Learn more about our first-step processing services: 



Want to know more about the Boyd Difference? 

Processing Productivity
If you're looking for increased cutting speeds, our plasma cutters are capable of speeds twice as fast as oxyfuel cutting when used on metal up to 2" thick. For thinner metals, that increase can be 12 times faster! When you need increased productivity, Boyd Metals delivers with speed and accuracy in metal processing. With raised inside piercing needs, the same high-definition plasma cutting services significantly increase production rates. 

Less Waste
Whether looking to eliminate plate warping with our hi-def plasma cutting or save time with minimal dross, our best-in-class services mean less product waste. We know how to handle all of your metal needs from stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and all non-ferrous materials are included in this list. Because of this, plasma can cut a stack of multiple plates with ease. You can't do this with processes such as oxyfuel cutting.


Ready to let us help you with your next project?

Whether you need sawing, plasma plate cutting, oxy-fuel plate cutting, hi-def plasma laser cutting, or press brake services, now you know our laser cutting machine is just the beginning of our processing services. Contact us today to see how we can help.



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