First-Step Processing: 5 Services You Can't Afford to do Without

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Getting the right players aligned for the metal needs in your business can sometimes be a puzzle. Labor and vendors can't be eliminated for the sake of your bottom line. But if something has got to give, you need to find a way to maximize productivity and optimize time on projects.

So, how are you going to reduce costs and protect your return on investment? Partnering with a supplier that offers first-step metal processing services is the key.

Here are 5 services you can't afford to do without and some of the reasons why:

1. SAWING – Extra outsourcing steps are removed for prompt production time.

Having your metal cut to length before it is delivered gets rid of the headaches you would get from having to outsource that work after the product is in hand. Even if you have a saw in house, our equipment can cut full mill bundles up to 24” square vs. you having to split bundles to fit into your equipment. In addition, Boyd Metal's saws also deliver miter capabilities as needed. All of our saws are up to date, sharp, and ready to cleanly and accurately cut for our customers!

2. SHEARING – Quality control and expertise are better and easier to monitor.

CNC shearing offers tighter control in the cut, while manual shearing delivers top-quality workmanship with an experienced touch. The teams at every Boyd Metals location have both manual and CNC shearing capabilities.

3. PLASMA PLATE CUTTING – Fast cutting speeds reduce turnaround time and cleanup.

Plasma cutting produces less slag than other methods while quickly reducing sheet material to the shapes and sizes you need for your project. Less slag means less cleanup time. Less cleanup time means your team can focus on fulfilling your production demands and be more profitable.

4. OXY-FUEL PLATE CUTTING – More savings for production and transportation costs.

Oxy-fuel plate cutting utilizes multiple torches to cut large volume orders in much shorter time frames. Oxy-fuel is particularly advantageous because it is capable of cutting impressive thicknesses. Processors can only cut pieces that are as big as their cutting tables though. Just so you know, our oxy-fuel cutters can handle metal plates that are up to eight inches thick, 120 inches wide, and 480 inches long.

5. HI-DEF PLASMA CUTTING – Superior cutting accuracy with ultra-tight tolerances.

High definition plasma takes plasma cutting to the next level. At Boyd Metals, your own DXF files can be used with our processing service equipment for even greater accuracy and product satisfaction. We are able to consistently deliver tolerances as tight as +/- .0625" or better with our specialized CNC equipment. These machines can cut material up to 1-1/2 inches thick and yield impressive results on carbon, aluminum, and stainless steel plates.

Taking advantage of your metal supplier's first-step processing services eliminates the complication of communicating with an additional vendor. It is the key to streamlining your material acquisition and finishing projects more efficiently.

Interested in learning more about the first-step services Boyd Metals offers? Contact one of our locations today to see what our Boyd Metals team can do for you.

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