5 Ways to Win More Jobs without Lowering Your Price

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The construction and manufacturing industries continue to be extremely competitive. It can often seem like the only way to win the jobs you seek is by lowering your prices so that you are barely making a profit. However, doing so means that you'll have to cut corners elsewhere to keep your profit margin. This could lead to shoddy results, dangerous working conditions and unsatisfied clients. Instead, use the following five methods to win the jobs you want without slashing your prices.

1. Make a good first impression

Building trust and reliability starts with the first impression you make. Remember, in most cases, your potential client doesn't know who you are. They may have heard about you but will also need to form their own opinions. Always be friendly and professional with customers on the phone or in person.

2. Be a good listener

You might quickly realize the solution to a problem, but listen and learn what is most important to them. It would be easy to show off how your product works well with their goals right from the start. Try not to fall into that trap. Instead, listen to what they have to say. Listening builds the trust and rapport you need to have a profitable business relationship.

3. Tailor your bid

After the client describes his or her problem, you will need to present an idea of how you might solve it. They will be listening carefully at this point to make sure you are offering them a good value. When creating your bid, address each issue with a viable solution that you can provide.

4. Highlight your features and benefits

Don't assume that your clients know what you bring to the table. Make sure that you are clear when you discuss the qualities that set you apart from others in your field. Always tie those back to tangible ways that they help your clients.

5. Provide good customer service from the start

Make sure that you always address clients by their name. When providing a bid to any potential clients, always follow up with a polite phone call. It might feel like you are bothering them. Think of it as an opportunity to answer their questions instead.

Use the above five strategies to win the bids you want without lowering your prices.

Do you have any other favorite strategies to share?

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